Learn how CartoDB’s location intelligence platform will help shape the future of Smart Cities

- December 9, 2015

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article, which means that it’s financially supported by CartoDB. This article has been written by them with Novobrief’s supervision.

CartoDB is showing the way in smart city technology with location intelligence.

Today we are more connected than ever before. We use technology to enhance, share and control the world immediately around us -turning on lights, locating the nearest bike rack or parking space- from our smart devices. More subtly, connectivity is also expressed at the community and city level, where improved communication, participation and collaboration has increased with access to data and information from agencies, institutions and citizens.

CartoDB, the leading company for location data analysis and visualization, was recently featured as one of the innovating technology companies from New York at Barcelona’s Smart City Expo World Congress.

“The projects in the pipeline that were demonstrated in Barcelona, including one with Mexico City, are some of CartoDB’s most ambitious, complex, ventures to date, and have the potential to redefine the standards of living,” says Santiago Giraldo, Senior Technical Evangelist for CartoDB.

CartoDB makes it easy to turn geospatial datasets into critical, shareable insights that streamline inter-agency communication and decision making. The location intelligence platform allows any state, city, and country to turn geospatial datasets into meaningful visualizations and critical insights powered by unparalleled ease of integration, data processing capacity, and analytical speeds with cutting-edge design.

Location data is paramount to intelligent cities planning and development. Geographical information provides a common frame of reference and big picture analysis for entrepreneurs, citizens and policymakers alike. The availability of geo-tagged data creates rich new layers of information that can be utilized at scale to create evolving solutions for more livable cities, intelligent policy and design, better research, improved emergency response, predictive analysis and economic opportunity.

“We’re discovering unprecedented opportunities to empower citizens and government agencies with everything from biking and housing apps, to risk platforms and customazible city dashboards,” continues Giraldo.

Citizen participation is now acknowledged as an essential ingredient for intelligent city innovation, success and longevity. The ideal vision for smart cities is one where infrastructure and services are connected with technology to empower informed citizens and government officials across agencies as partners.

The savvy smart city is one where technology and data serves the goal of improving standards of living, including sustainable use of resources and pollution reduction. Local authorities are looking for ways to maximize shrinking resources –to do more, to do it more efficiently, and to use data for informed decision-making. Municipalities must manage these services across geographic areas, and the ability to harness real-time data is vital for understanding and analysis.

To learn more about how CartoDB can empower your city government, visit their resource center.

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