Meet the 6 retail startups going to Zaragoza for the Aragón Open Future accelerator

- May 7, 2018

Aragón Open Future, a joint program of Telefónica Open Future and TZIR (Zaragoza’s Innovation in Retail Center), selects six retail startups that will enter its second acceleration program.

In the Aragón Open Future acceleration program, each startup works with either a sister store, a chain of stores, or shopping center during the entire process, with the aim of reaching the end of the route with a pilot implemented at the point of sale.

The accelerator is the main tool to democratize innovation and in its first edition, they managed to design technological solutions in the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality, hyperreality, and big data, which are already being  implemented in retail shops and shopping centers in Aragón.

The six retail startups participating in this year’s accelerator program were chosen out of 34 candidates with three coming from Aragón, one from Madrid, one from Barcelona, and one from Extremadura, according to El Referente.

Anluck (Aragón)

Anluck is a startup dedicated to customer monitoring through the integration of three concepts: location, type of customers, and products purchased.

Idiogram Technologies (Aragón)

Idiogram focuses on the development of technologies based on big data, data mining, and artificial intelligence for intelligence activities and integrated knowledge management in companies and organizations.

Meraki Codes (Aragón)

Meraki Codes creates technological devices to improve the customer experience and data acquisition, focusing on improving the service.

Blogster APP (Madrid)

The Blogster App allows companies to automate the dissemination of content through a network of manager and employee contacts.

Viume (Barcelona)

Viume is a digital fashion assistant that combines machine learning and professional stylists to find the perfect match for each occasion, knowing the budget marked by the customer and their sizes and tastes.

Canalyticals (Extremadura)

Canalyticals helps with the data of the retailer while generating sales impact through Big Data and Machine Learning.

All the chosen startups will present ideas that provide solutions to the three Big Data and Retail challenges proposed by Aragón Open Future in this second edition.

  1. Knowing the customer: understanding their behavior to offer a personalized experience.
  2. Online and offline hybridization: the fusion of the physical and digital world in a single shopping experience.
  3. Optimization: through the process of obtaining and exploiting data.

At the end of the accleration program, a Demo Day will be held in which the startups will present their final projects and where the winner will be chosen.

The winners will have the opportunity to implement their solution in shops of the TZIR retail network with financing of up to €20,000.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.