19 open calls for startups still available in Spain

- March 20, 2018

The first half of the year always brings new and interesting startup open calls. Here are 19 of the most interesting based in Spain, their closing dates, and links to register.

1. Alhambra Venture .  Alhambra Venture has opened its registration period for those startups interested in raising financing. The initiative, which started in November 2014, has already held four editions and, already, more than 500 startups have registered, 102 of which have participated in the academy and have been presented to investors. The deadline to submit the application for the fifth edition will be open until April 20 through the web.

2. AGILE IoT The AGILE IoT consortium is looking for companies to help evolve and improve its exclusive gateway software and find new hardware applications for it. Selected applicants will receive a €50,000 grant. The AGILE IoT Open Call 2 will be open on the F6S platform until the end of March. Finally, eight startups will be chosen. The call is open here .  

3. Basque Culinary Center .  Each of the projects interested in participating must fill out an information form. On March 28, the winning projects will be announced, and on April 20 and 27 the startups should be available for an interview. The call for this new edition of CA! Accelerator will be open until March 19 through the web .

4.  BStartup10 . The BStartup program of Banco Sabadel supports young and innovative technological companies.  They have started the investment program BStartup 10. Every year they invest in startup companies in initial phases of 100,000 euros per project in exchange for a share in social capital. The call is open throughout the year and can be done through the web .

5.  Start inHealth . This reference program for acceleration of the health sector has opened its third call. Only six companies, selected by the jury, will be able to enter the project.  Start inHealth stands out for offering a personalized mentoring and acceleration plan using the best experts from both worlds: the health world, provided by Lilly professionals, and the world of entrepreneurship through UnLtd. The deadline for submitting applications is open until April 10 on the website of UnLtd Spain.

6.  European Coworkings EOI . EOI seeks Spanish entrepreneurs from all sectors. Their projects will be supervised by mentors in entrepreneurship/innovation centers of the European Union. The program finances all training and mentoring expenses for entrepreneurs, as well as their round-trip plane ticket to the European center and accommodation for 5 weeks in the city where the center is located. The term will be open until April 1 through the web .

7.  Go Ignite . The alliance between the open innovation platforms of Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Singtel, and Telefonica, launches its third call in search of startups in the early growth stage. They will focus on solutions to be marketed in six areas: IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, 5G, Customer Experience Improvement and Big Data Analysis. Startups are encouraged to participate throughout the year through the web.

8.  shuttle . The Lanzadera and Garage programs, of the Lanzadera accelerator, run by Juan Roig, keep the call open throughout the year . The first one is aimed at people or teams whose entrepreneurial project has been around for more than six months since launch to the market, while the second is focused on people with projects in the initial phase. You can register here.

9. Mentor Day. Mentor Day Canarias reaches its thirtieth edition offering support, advice and knowledge to entrepreneurs from around the world, and focuses this edition on high-level innovative projects related to electronic commerce, in a program that will take place from April 2 to 6 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Entrepreneurs wishing to participate register until March 24 on the web.

10.  Metlife . Metlife has launched ‘collab 3.0 EMEA’, an open global innovation platform that invites entrepreneurs and insurtechs to develop their business with MetLife.  At the same time, they help solve some of their biggest innovation challenges in their business for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company invites new insurtech entrepreneurs to compete for a $ 100,000 contract to develop solutions in the insurance sector value chain. Those interested can register through the  web until April 20, 2018.

11. Orizont . The Orizont program lasts six months, and includes an economic endowment of up to 110,000 euros to each of the participants, as well as access to an extensive network of specialized mentors in the sector, collaborating companies, research centers and universities, among others. The agro-food startups that wish to enter can present their project here until April 19th. 

12 . Pascual Startup . Calidad Pascual presents the 3rd edition of the Pascual Startup Awards with a theme: ‘Future Entrepreneurs.’ This idea was born to promote young innovation in Spain and melds the categories of ‘products and services related to nutrition and health,’ ‘digitalization of processes and/or customers with innovative technology’ and ‘the environment’. The purpose of this project is to gather ideas in the very early stages of the conception of a company in order to promote the spark of entrepreneurship and encourage the creation of businesses among young people. The registration period for this third edition will end on  April 22 for startups and April 15 for students.Those interested can register here .

13. Piosphere challenge . The Bosch and Makro companies have opened the Piosphere Challenge, the name of the third edition of the piosphere Award . Until May 18, startups who want to join the Piosphere Challenge may present their proposals to respond to the challenges. The registration can be carried out on the web.

14.  Everis Awards . The Everis Foundation has opened registration for the 17th Everis Awards. Its objective is to promote innovation and research to support entrepreneurship, with a prize of 60,000 euros and mentoring valued at 10,000 euros. Candidates can be from any country in the world and must be registered online before April 2. Registration is open here .

15 . Creative industries network . The Creative Industries Network has opened registration for Business Laboratory, the seventh edition of its Design and Growth Program for entrepreneurs in the creative sector. This training program offers entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries methodologies specific to the field of business. This will involve an overview of business design, finance, innovation, strategy, and investment. Spaces are limited and the evaluation of the applications will be on a first-come first-serve basis. Those interested can sign up for the program at the following link.

16. Challenge Lehnica . The second edition of the Reto Lehnica, owned by Correoslabs, is aimed at professionals and recently created companies. The aim is to promote the development of five projects that provide products or innovative services in three areas: logistics, digitalization and social. Applications are available through the web  and the registration period is open until April 23.

17. Sanitas Disruptive . The Sanitas insurer has launched the Disruptive program with the aim of boosting the talent of innovative entrepreneurs and startups who want to transform the world in six categories: doctor-patient relationship; prevention; hospital; chronic diseases; genomics; and blockchain. The call is open until 22 March through the web.

18.  South Summit . The call to become one of the 100 startup finalists of South Summit 2018 is aimed at startups from all over the world, at any stage of development, and from all types of industries. The event will be held in Madrid next October. Interested startups can register without cost in the Startup Competition until May 31, through the  website .

19 . TENKAN-TEN Growth Catalyst . ASICS announced the launch of its New Business and Innovation Division, as part of the company’s global and sustainable growth plan for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The presentation of the TENKAN-TEN Growth Catalyst included a nomination process for startups. Those selected will start the program starting in September and will be located in the ASICS House Barcelona. The program will last four months and during that time companies will receive €30,000 to benefit the development of their project. The registration period will remain open until June 30 .

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