Nauta puts its recently raised €60M fund to use, leads Ireland’s ChannelSight €3.3M round

- October 15, 2015

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There are not many Spanish VCs that invest in foreign startups. The vast majority tend to focus on Spain and, in some cases, Latam. The exceptions are Nauta Capital, Active VP and Axon, although at a lower level.

Barcelona-based Nauta had been quiet for quite some time on all fronts, Spain and abroad, but last month it announced that it had finally raised the first part of its new €150 million fund. And with €60 million already committed from investors, the firm has wasted no time in putting that money to use.

Nauta Capital is leading a €3.3 million round in Irish ecommerce company ChannelSight, with the participation of ACT Venture Capital and public entity Enterprise Ireland.

ChannelSight, founded in 2013 by John Beckett, Kieran Dundon, Niall O’Gorman, has built a software that allows brands to grow sales by providing a digital ‘Buy Now’ button that they can integrate in their own websites and in other properties. When users click the button, they’re shown a list of retailers where that specific product is available. The company claims that “this simplified purchasing process helps brands to build better customer relationships and improve marketing effectiveness by showing which advertisements are working across all digital platforms”.

“ChannelSight facilitates a frictionless path to purchase across all owned, earned and paid media and this end-to-end visibility from shoppable content is the next frontier for brands”, says Dundon in a statement.

This video explains how ChannelSight works:

The Dublin-headquartered claims to have “7-figure annual revenues” and to operate in 37 countries. ChannelSight is commersialised as a SaaS product.

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