Joyners launches B2B ‘corporate’ service to complement elderly care

- December 3, 2018

Spanish startup Joyners launches a Business-to-Business (B2B) elderly care service that works in tangent with institutions such as hospitals and residences.

In less than 30 years, the number of people over 65 has doubled. Faced with this situation, there are more and more elderly people who need assistance in their day-to-day, according to El Referente.

Joyners, with presence in Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona, ​​has just launched Joyners Corporate, its service to companies and entities, such as hospitals or residences, that demand complementary services to their main activities, for the assistance of seniors or dependents.

Through this B2B application, companies can access a network of more than 1,000 professionals, book the service with just a ‘click’ and receive the professional requested in just one hour or at the time they need it.

The platform is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which allows companies to request, control, manage and track services in real time.

joyners elderly care

Oriol de Pablo

“After professionalizing the home care sector and carrying out more than 150,000 services in Spain, we have launched a platform for companies offering a tool for management and monitoring of services,” said Joyners CEO and Co-Founder Oriol de Pablo.

“The interest shown by different companies and entities for the proposal of value offered by Joyners has encouraged us to create an app that specifically covers their needs,” he added.

In fact, 20% of the total turnover in 2018 (1.5 million euros) corresponded to services that have already been carried out for companies such as Ritz Carlton and Holaluz; the Intress Group Foundation; and the residences of the Orpea Group, among others.

The caregivers of the Joyners network are highly trained with years of demonstrable experience. The task of caregivers of older people is not like any other since it is essential a high level of attention to detail, thus avoiding unnecessary problems that may arise during the service and after it.

Joyners Corporate is also a solution for medical insurers, since it currently offers dependency care products including elderly residences, since it is usual that they need support for the accompaniment to medical appointments or in emergencies.

It also a solution for hospitals, since the relatives of the patients usually demand accompaniment at night or at specific moments of the day; and for any company or entity that requires the service and wants to manage it in a controlled and simple way.

The application facilitates the administrative management of services and allows users to customize payment methods and invoices according to their needs.

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Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.