Google Launchpad: myABCKit – The subtle interactions that make successful products

- June 29, 2016

google launchpad In this Google Launchpad case study we took a different approach. Instead of sharing the lessons learned by a startup during the Google Launchpad week, we decided to focus on certain aspects that one of the participating startups shared with us.

We are talking about myABCKit and their approach in the development of an education product for kids of ages 3 to 7. As As myABCKit started to perform research on the sector they were about to tackle, they realised its nuances and the difficulties of approaching such a young clientele due to two main reasons: the kids’ specific demands in regards to how such a product should perform, and also on getting to work with them during the research.

This is what myABCKit discovered during that process:

The Subtle Interactions That Make Successful Products by Johan Feito

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Disclaimer: These case studies do not aim to provide a definitive guide for solving a problem, but rather to provide a glimpse into how taking a week to rethink your startup with the help of highly qualified mentors can offer companies a fresh perspective on their struggles and missed opportunities. This was a paid project and Google covered the expenses associated with the production of these reports.