Let the cleaning fight begin: GetYourHero receives €1.5m investment from Seaya Ventures

- July 29, 2015

getyourhero investment

Multiple startups, in multiple countries, believe that there’s a lot of money to be made in the home cleaning sector. While markets such as the US, UK or Germany have (or used to have) clear leaders in the segment (Helpling, Handy, etc), Spain is still up for grabs.

Startups like GetYourHero, Wayook, EsLife or Helpling are all fighting against each other -albeit with different strategies- to conquer the Spanish market. This fight has also been visible in the capital markets, as several of the startups above have raised various rounds of funding to grow their business and establish their brands as market leaders.

Barcelona-based GetYourHero is the last one to do so. The company has just announced a €1.5 million round from Seaya Ventures.

The year-old company is currently active in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Roma and Paris and plans to stick to Southern Europe as their target market. “We will continue to expand in Southern Europe’s biggest metropolitan areas, and to establish a brand that is synonym of quality and trust”, co-founder Sebastian Janus said in a statement.

GetYourHero had previously raised €300,000 from business angels and claims to have “thousands” of clients, including private homes and businesses.

To avoid any legal troubles, the company says that it only works with fully legal contractors and cleaners. According to Recode, this was the key in Homejoy’s shutting down last week. Others claim that it was related to the company’s lack of traction.

Seaya Ventures is a growth Venture Capital firm founded by Michael Kleindl and Beatriz González, daughter of BBVA’s current president Francisco González. Since 2013 it has invested in Ticketea, Plenummedia (which Kleindl himself founded in 2009), Restalo (which we’ve heard is not doing very well), Cabify and Mexico-based startups like SinDelantal.Mx (acquired by Just Eat) and ComparaGuru.

Jaime Novoa

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