Changing logistics: Furgo launches mobile shipping marketplace

- April 22, 2015


Various Spanish startups are tackling the logistics industry, trying to improve things in a sector that has remained unchanged for decades. Barcelona-based Furgo is one of the latest to join the battle field, after launching its Android app a couple of weeks ago.

The app acts as an intermediary between people who are looking to ship a wide variety of products (from gadgets to furniture or… boats) and contractors who are interested in moving such products around.

Users can take photos of the items straight from the app, add a description and publish it so shippers can submit their bids. The user will then be able to choose the best or most convenient offer and complete all payments through the app. Furgo charges a shipping commission and keeps 4 to 10 per cent, giving the rest to couriers.

The app has been developed in less than three months by a group of entrepreneurs who are currently working at Alfonso Jiménez, Diego ‘Minid’ Lafuente and Guillermo Lechuga. “We have no previous experience in the logistics field”, Alfonso tells me. “But we think that could be an advantage when it comes to changing how things work in the sector”.

Furgo, which currently resembles a side project more than a fully fledged startup, allows any person with a van or truck to act as couriers. Asked about whether this could mean that users have less trust in the app and those who promote their services within it, Alfonso explains that all couriers that work with them have the right insurance coverage and that the app allows users to rate couriers. “In extreme cases, we’ll work with local authorities to provide whatever information is necessary”, he adds.

The idea -and execution- is interesting and it currently seems as if a significant proportion of the logistics market in Spain is up for grabs. Furgo is by no means the only app or startup to tackle this market -there’s Glovo and others like iKiora or Comprea that have a slightly different approach-, but given its low profile and agility, it might be another player worth keeping an eye on.

“We’re new to the industry and we believe we can be more aggressive than others in the sector”, Alfonso claims. Competitors in the space include foreign companies like Anyvan (UK), Shiply (UK) or uShip (US), but according to Furgo’s team, they haven’t gained much traction in Spain.

Jaime Novoa

Jaime Novoa is the Founder of Novobrief. He is a technology writer turned investor at Madrid's K Fund. He was also a data analyst at