Ironhack, Cabify partner on €350K scholarship for web programmers, designers

- November 9, 2018

Spanish mobility company Cabify partners with the Ironhack training school in web and mobile programming and design to offer €350,000 through the “Cabify Talent Scholarships.”

The scholarships will be distributed in 10 total training grants, for a value of €7,500 each, and 150 partial scholarships between €1,500 and €2,500.

“A large training program that favors diversity in all its aspects”

With this collaboration, both Cabify and Ironhack seek to facilitate access to web programming studies, UX / UI design and data analysis to people who, without having previous knowledge in technology, demonstrate potential for their learning.

Cabify began the dissemination of this scholarship program on Thursday to which it invited all its community to participate including employees, collaborators, and users.

cabify ironhack scholarship

Lorena Pérez

“With this program, in collaboration with Ironhack, we want to provide access to anyone with a professional interest in the world of technology to a large training program that favors diversity in all its aspects and in the gender perspective,” said Cabify Head of Human Resources Lorena Pérez, in a statement.

“Participants will also choose to cover some of the vacancies we have for them in the Cabify [workers] template, since we hope to incorporate more than 100 people to the team in the next 12 years. Currently, in the Cabify Madrid office, more than 30% of employees have profiles related to technology,” she added.

All interested parties must start their registration through a web form until November 15. Those pre-selected will have to pass a personal and technical interview supervised by the Ironhack team.

Once chosen, the beneficiaries can choose between the courses offered by Ironhack during the first six months of 2019 at their centers in Barcelona and Madrid. The educational proposal of Ironhack is included within the ‘bootcamps’ — places of intensive training to prepare future professionals based on the new IT profiles demanded by the current market.

cabify ironhack scholarship

Álvaro López-Cotelo

“Since our inception we have supported talent and diversity. This agreement with Cabify takes this commitment to the next level, giving an opportunity to many people who have not yet been able to make the leap,” said Álvaro López-Cotelo, General Manager Ironhack Madrid.

“At Ironhack we are eager to meet the participants and to continue forming the future generation of professionals in the digital world,” he added.

Ironhack VP Agustin Tonna will be a speaker next week at Startup Grind Barcelona.

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Cabify currently has five employees who have been trained at Ironhack and hold positions closely related to technology, according to El Referente.

Some of them had not previously worked in this area, which is a clear example of the real opportunities that people who may be beneficiaries may have in this first edition of the Cabify digital talent scholarships with Ironhack.

cabify ironhack scholarship

Lara Hoya

Lara Hoya, junior developer at Cabify, joined the company after finishing one of Ironhack’s bootcamps that allowed her to turn around in her career.

“With Ironhack I have discovered a new world I am passionate about. I love solving problems and being continuously learning. My goal is to build my career as a developer finding a project where I can get involved,” she stated on LinkedIn.

Both Ironhack and Cabify hope that this scholarship program will become an opportunity for the future and that Lara’s story will be repeated.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.