IEBS to offer Blockchain and Fintech Master’s program, the 1st in Spain

- June 20, 2018

The IEBS Business School becomes the first school in Spain to offer a Blockchain and Fintech Master’s program, which can also be paid with bitcoins.

blockchain fintech master's program

Raúl Jaime

The aim of the Master’s program in Blockchain and Fintech is to train new professionals in a high growth market that demands qualified professionals.

“Bringing experiences and projects to the next evolution through the creation and implementation of new technologies, new work environments and new business realities, is undoubtedly the way forward to face the totally technological future that awaits us,” said Raúl Jaime, Director of the Master’s program in Blockchain and Fintech, in  a statement.

The first edition of this program is limited to 15 students and the scheduled start date is October 25.

This is Spain 4.0

The market will demand professionals capable of creating platforms, transaction systems, and Lightning Networks, as well as specialists in projects that focus on launching Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

It is not only fintech that has seen the potential of Blockchain technology. Little by little, the technology is breaking into all sectors of the market such as renewable energy, insurance, and legaltech, with the appearance of Smart Contracts.

Without a doubt, fintech has become, for many businesses, the backbone of the management and operation of the professional activity for its innovative support capacity in creating new models of services and products, and for being able to completely renew traditional labor and economic models.

More and more entrepreneurs are daring with new business models, highlighted by data management companies, and these entrepreneurs manage a global hyperconnectivity, laying the foundations of an intelligent society.

To respond to new demands, the Master’s in Blockchain and Fintech offers the bases of these new methods of payment and financing, to apply them within any business through an online methodology.

Student Benefits of the Blockchain and Fintech Master’s Program

Upon completion of the Master’s in Blockchain and Fintech, students will be perfectly capable of:

  • Obtaining a global vision of the process of the digital models of the different economic actors and the revolution of the digital environments.
  • Being able to develop business models adapted to the technological changes that are being experienced in fintech industry environments.
  • Knowing the basics of monetary systems and financial markets and knowing how to contextualize cryptocurrencies and other systems based on Smart Contract in contrast or analogous with them.
  • Understanding the incentive systems on which Blockchain-based systems are based and understanding the elements of game theory underlying them.
  • Knowing how to analyze the legal and regulatory implications of cryptocurrencies and other systems based on Smart Contracts.
  • Knowing how the Blockchain works as distributed systems and understanding the architecture and the fundamental algorithms on which they are based.

The faculty is made up of renowned experts and pioneers in the analysis and application of these technologies such as Javier Martín, expert in Blockchain and Crowdfunding; Ana Sastre, expert in Crowdlending and Compliance; Marcos Gutiérrez, expert in startups and Blockchain; and María Sánchez, expert in Fintechs and Crowdlending; among many others.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.