Whtmatters launches memory-saving photo app

- December 10, 2018

Spanish startup Whtmatters presents its memory-saving photo app of the same name so people can enjoy their personal memories without compromising their phones’ internal memories.

Whtmatters was born as a simple but effective tool to privately manage, organize and store important photos on a mobile phone without collapsing its internal memory, with total security guaranteed.

whtmatters memory-saving photo app

Luis Dominguez

The app solves the growing issue of having the photos that matter to you lost in your mobile phone gallery, among the thousands that are not important.

“Digital photography is a wonderful invention that has allowed us to carry our best memories in the palm of our hand, but the hundreds of photos we make each year, in most cases, are stored on a hard drive or lost in a mobile gallery, and we rarely see them again,” said Whtmatters CEO and Co-Founder Luis Domínguez via El Referente.

“Whtmatters aims to recover the pleasure of enjoying our photo albums, but with the help that today marks our lives: the smartphone,” he added.

With the memory-saving photo app available on iOS and Android, users can register without providing personal data, except their mobile number to which the service will be linked. This means that the app does not accumulate information that can be used for advertising and commercial purposes, neither by the company itself nor by third parties.

“We do not realize the amount of data that is collected in our photos: in which sites we are, with whom, what day, at what time … but in Whtmatters the photos are totally anonymous and they will never have linked advertising,” Dominguez added.

Once permission has been given to access photos, the app can be used to manage the images by eliminating duplicates, blurry and irrelevant photos.

Then, Whtmatters allows you to classify the rest in albums with descriptions, comments, title and cover photo (among other options), choosing images from both the phone gallery and the most popular storage apps.

All those memories and experiences are automatically anchored in a timeline, so it is very easy to locate them to see them again, for example, in presentation mode. In addition, users can share those albums by sending them through a message to family and friends, as long as they are also users of the application.

The Whtmatters app has a free version for a basic use of album organization and optimized storage in the terminal itself, valid for about 2,000 photos.

Present in the app stores since August 15, in its first three months of life Whtmatters has achieved more than 5,000 active users (one in 5 is downloaded by another user), and a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Currently, the company is preparing an update that will allow it to use its functionalities without the need for a connection.

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