Valencia-based Kimera Technologies raises €660K to transform visual content with AI

- April 13, 2023

Kimera Technologies, a Computer Vision AI company, announced it has closed its first investment round of €660,000 in pre-seed funding. 

The investment was led by investors in the Spanish ecosystem, including Addendum Capital, Adara Ventures, Bonsai Partners, and BStartup Banco Sabadell and business angels.

The company reported that this investment round will help Kimera expand its market presence, grow its sales and marketing team, and continue developing new solutions. 

Kimera plans to increase its product development resources to further improve accessibility and how companies manage their visual content.

“We are delighted to have closed this investment round with the support of some of the most important investors in Spain. Artificial Intelligence is booming, and we want to help every business use it to improve and optimize their processes and products”, said Alvaro Igual, co-CEO of Kimera Technologies.

“There is a huge gap between the advances in science and what reaches the market as viable solutions for businesses. We want to help close that gap, democratizing Artificial Intelligence for all types of companies and use cases”, added Carles Igual, co-CEO of Kimera Technologies. 

The rest of the founding team includes Alberto Castillo, Jorge Igual, and Luis Morgan.

The path to VR

The Valencia-based startup has developed software that transforms visual content (both images and videos) into more useful data to help companies optimize their content management. 

“The technology enables the storing of millions of images in minimal space and can perform searches of visual content in milliseconds with maximum precision”, they report.

The startup was also developed for the E-commerce/Marketplace industries, Kimera’s plug-and-play solution helps to improve website conversions, automate processes, and more. 

They explain: For example, the platform is capable of tagging content, searching and making recommendations within a website, and generating valuable analytics. 

With the use of Big Data, content can also be hyper-personalized for better market analysis and trend forecasting. 

The company is currently focused on image and video, but the medium and long-term goals are to manage 3D content and enter the fields of Virtual Reality and the Metaverse. 

Kimera’s vision is to be an all-in-one platform where visual content is managed, analyzed, and created.

The startup, part of the Lanzadera startup accelerator program, has already won several awards for its innovation and excellence in Artificial Intelligence.