Spanish tech news: 28/3/2017

- March 28, 2017
Startup funding news ?
  • Apartment meta-search engine Hundredrooms closed a €4 million round led by Seaya Ventures
Startup exits ? 
  • El Español looks into Just Eat’s financials and the process of combining La Nevera Roja’s business since the acquisition was closed several months ago. 70% of La Nevera Roja’s employees have lost their jobs
Startup news ?
  • La Vanguardia to have a seat on RocketROI’s board, replacing ADTZ’s Juan Domínguez
  • Teressa Studios, the Madrid-based videogame developer that has just won SWSX’s gaming pitch competition
Big tech news ?
  • Grupo Rodilla reaches €100 million in annual sales and will soon start to deliver food via Deliveroo and Glovo
  • Remember Vodafone’s historic agreement with Telefonica to use the company’s fibre infrastructure? It seems as if Orange also has a similar agreement with the Spanish telco
Tech and policy ??‍♀️
  • Airbnb wants Galicia’s regional government to also allow hosts on its platform to legally share rooms in their apartments. The US company is also making this request in Madrid and Barcelona
Interesting reads ?
  • Madrid’s bet on car sharing platforms such as Car2go or Emov continues. Now these companies are asking the local government to install electric vehicle chargers on the streets
  • Lucas Krauel: The Spanish surgeon that 3D prints tumours to fight youth cancer
  • Expansión: Successful Spanish entrepreneurs that most people pay attention to

Jaime Novoa

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