Social Nest Foundation expands nationally and opens new HQ in Madrid

- October 6, 2022

Valencia’s Social Nest Foundation, the global platform for entrepreneurs and impact investors, is making its way into the Spanish capital. The incubator just announced that they are opening new headquarters in Madrid to identify new and innovative opportunities that can generate even more impact. 

The organization’s arrival in Madrid comes after 12 successful years leading programs and activities for over 15,000 people in Spain’s eastern coast. Their platform gathers a community of around 300 entrepreneurs, 500 investors and 50 companies, and they hope to expand their reach by now opening their offices in the country’s main hub for entrepreneurship and one of the most important in Europe altogether. 

With their new headquarters, Social Nest Foundation also announced the appointment of a new CEO, Marta del Castillo, who has extensive experience leading organizations with high impact and innovation. Previously the CEO of South Summit, Marta will be responsible for promoting and consolidating the organization’s strategies as she works alongside the company’s founder and former CEO, Margarita Albors, who will take on the role of Executive President exclusively. 

The new CEO of Social Nest Foundation expressed in a press release that the foundation “is a reference in the sector and is constantly evolving. We are faced with the challenge of consolidating the growth of the Social Nest Foundation with the opening of the new headquarters in Madrid. We look to continue projecting the entity on a global level and leading the drive for solutions to the increasingly pressing challenges that we face as a global society, from climate change to social, economic and technological inequalities”.

Margarita Albors will now focus on representing the platform and its institutional visibility, as well as defining the strategic lines to continue promoting the growth of Social Nest along with the company’s board of trustees and management team. To the later, new members are also joining the team: Samir Selim as the new Head of Impact (former VP of PKB Privatbank), María Cano, founder of Canussa, will nor serve as Head of Entrepreneurship, and Juan Francisco Reyes Head of Business and Partnership Development.