One of Europe’s foremost sculptors to be featured during Art Basel Week

- September 21, 2021

Work from one of Europe’s foremost sculptors, Dr. Gindi, will be on display during Art Basel week.

The sculpture’s works will be exhibited on the sidelines of the international art fair staged throughout the globe. The fair is held in collaboration with city institutions with the aim to grow and develop art programs.

Dr. Gindi will be hosting a reception on Sept. 25 from 6 to 8pm. local time. Entrance is provided at no cost, however seats are limited.

A medical doctor, Dr. Gindi spent her entire life wandering around different cultures and alongside emotional abysses, and set out on a journey to understand why certain phenomena appear as they are and why she interacts with them in the way she does.

"The Horticulturist" by Dr Gindi
“The Horticulturist” by Dr Gindi

Dr. Gindi has lived in Switzerland, Italy, France, China, Egypt, Hungary, and Germany and previously held exhibitions throughout Europe and Asia

She is a member of the New York-based National Sculpture Society and was a finalist at the 2021 International ARC Salon.

Said Dr. Gindi, “Over the years, my experience in both science and life has taught me that our existence and options are infinite—if we allow them to be.”

“Submitting to fate and having a sense of resignation can often be the norm, but if we can metamorphosize these attitudes, we shall be able to model the infinity of our existence.”