Economía Creativa’s global digital hub aims to co-create 21st century creative society

- November 14, 2018

Economía Creativa‘s digital global hub aims to co-create the creative society of the 21st century and to facilitate the exchange and networking of creative entrepreneurs, innovators, makers and curious minds globally.

Based in Malaga, Economía Creativa is an international leading creative and innovation consultancy and a global digital hub with the mission of harnessing transformation, sustainable and inclusive development by working with multiple stakeholders including public institutions, startups, entrepreneurs, NGOs and like-minded community towards a “creative society.”

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The global digital hub is open to all creative entrepreneurs, startups, cultural managers, researchers, artists, curious citizens and civil society activists to share ideas, experiences and projects, as well as networking and collaborating in the generation of new projects to build a more creative global hub entrepreneurs

Membership is free and offers multiple advantages, including:

  • E-meetups, webinars.
  • Access to training.
  • Create your own profiles (with profile picture, videos, bio).
  • Active contributions by sharing experiences, good practices, calls and bids for projects, tools for entrepreneurs, and  publications; with contributions through blogs on how to build a creative society of the 21st century, with actions / projects at local-global scale, and creative entrepreneurship and open innovation in order to achieve sustainable and inclusive development.

The Economía Creativa global digital hub has the objective of:

  • Creating connections and networking
  • Being a shared space between different social actors, sectors and geographies; with particular emphasis on building bridges between Europe and Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific while generating conversation and action flows in all directions and, specifically, empowering young people and women to develop and make visible their projects.

The global digital hub is a project that focuses on the transforming power of creativity, which is capable of generating dialogue and ties of union across borders and cultures.

Economía Creativa’s mission is to work with people, businesses and institutions, with a bottom-up approach and holistic/cross-sectoral perspective, to identify opportunities in the digital era, harnessing creativity and entrepreneurship to designing innovative and effective action plans for business and economic development.

Its journey has led it to work on assignments across Europe (Spain, UK, France, Belgium, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, among others), and at a global level in Africa (Morocco and Angola) for institutions such as the European Commission, British Council, Foundations, NGOs, businesses and corporations, entrepreneurs and creative hubs.

The organization helps its clients understand how people’s behaviour and social changes impact their businesses and institutions to create the best action plans, identifying the power of their own story, harnessing creativity and linking culture to their organizations’ storytelling.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.