Friendz, Reply Blockchain launch ICOMATE to help businesses launch successful ICOs

- July 18, 2018

Swiss startup which also holds a presence in Spain, Friendz, today announces the launch of ICOMATE, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) service in partnership with Reply Blockchain.

ICOMATE is an all-in-one tool which helps clients to fully realize their ICOs through business advisory, marketing content, community management and technical support.

An ICO can make or break a project, so ICOMATE aims to help clients promote their projects and convert thousands of potential investors into participants. Regardless of whether the project is simply an idea or preparing for launch, the service helps at any stage of development to ensure clients launch at their strongest. This is made possible through the combination of expertise offered by the platform’s founders.

Both Friendz and Reply Blockchain bring their considerable industry knowledge to ICOMATE. Reply Blockchain, the consulting and technological partner of the project, provides guidance regarding design and other technical aspects.

Meanwhile, Friendz provides all the engagement and customer care a project requires to launch successfully. And such expertise is important: a recent study showed that almost half of all ICOs from the last year have already failed.

friendz reply blockchain ico

Alessandro Cadoni

“We understand what to do and what not to do when it comes to launching an ICO. Through ICOMATE, your idea will be featured on the best possible platforms to catch the interest of your audience and potential investors, and ultimately succeed – just as we did with our own ICO,” says Alessandro Cadoni, Friendz CEO and Co-Founder.

Marketing services offered through ICOMATE are two-fold: direct and accounting. Direct services utilize in-house growth-hacking, content production and customer care services based on the Friendz decentralized community system. The team creates articles, videos and other digital assets to maximize the appeal of any given ICO. Their content marketing expertise then allows ICOMATE to give businesses the chance to enhance their reputations and engage investors with well-researched multi-channel content campaigns.

The accounting service organizes and coordinates digital public relations, media buying and other crucial activities needed for ICOs to succeed. This step takes advantage of a wide network of top ICO marketing channels to guide any given ICO to success.

friendz reply blockchain ico

Maurizio Sironi

ICOMATE has developed a dashboard for investors with Know Your Customer (KYC) integration, a responsive website and smart contract launch on blockchain to achieve its goals. The platform also offers 24/7 coverage in terms of ICO support and customer care, former review for attesting the compliance status and many other features.

“Reply Blockchain operates with international customers in multiple industries, with core fields of specialization in strategic consulting for selection, design and implementation of blockchain use cases. We’re excited to collaborate with Friendz leveraging our own expertise to help other businesses realize their vision,” says Maurizio Sironi, manager at Reply Blockchain.