Dr Gindi’s lauded bronze ‘The Fateful Choice’ to be displayed in Venitian House for Biennale di Venezia

- April 30, 2022

In the Sestiere Castello, along Riva degli Schiavoni, stands the Hotel Ca’ Di Dio whose airy courtyard, eleventh-century masonry, and cross-water views on St. Mark’s Campanile align luxuriously and in their depictive splendor of The Floating City, that you’re probably able to picture it effortlessly, even if you’ve never visited the neighborhood

So where other than Venice – the watercolor city of Renaissance high art and political machinations – might best be suited to herald the arrival of Dr Gindi’s bronze assassin ‘The Fateful Choice’ as the artist and her ruthless creation makes their way around Europe?

Hotel Ca’ Di Dio, in partnership with Visual Atelier 8, the art magazine committed to empowering artists in the global public interest, will be exhibiting Dr Gindi’s exquisite piece between May 1st and May 9th in celebration of the 59th International Art Exhibition at Biennale di Venezia. Dr Gindi’s bronze captures the complexity and duplicity of human nature and how we harbor and conceal our intentions cast as a pregnant moment poised between two forking paths. 

The character in the piece, a young nude woman bearing an indecipherable look cast from lowered eyes, stands poised with one foot before the next. Behind her back, she grips a long curved dagger, on her lips is either a subtle smile or the germination of some nameless precursory emotion that oxidizes into regret once exposed to open air.

Dr Gindi, one of Switzerland’s foremost contemporary sculptors, is famous for combining the complexity and depth of the literary with the super-real abstraction of the unconscious to sublimate flashes of the divine into frozen instances cast in bronze. She draws upon the anima and animus of frozen in the meaningful and meaningless gestures we utilize to decorate our intentions through posture and movement.  

The location chosen to display the piece is equally exquisite – Hotel Ca’ Di Dio is a new edition to the Hotel VRetreats collection. Alongside locations in Rome and Taormina, the new space is populated with ​​materials, fabrics, glass, stone, and marble that respect the traditions of local craftsmanship while forming the narrative of a sprawling “Venetian house” replete with two rooftop loggias, three gardens courtyard gardens, and the sumptuous sprawl of terra cotta and canals all around.

The Vernissage in presence of the artist will be held on Sunday May 1st at 18:00. Light refreshments are served. Click here for more details.