BEYOND investor community announces 2nd open call for European startups

- October 25, 2023

The pan-European investor community BEYOND has announced it’s accepting startups for its second cohort. The community helps early-stage companies from around the EU raise cross-border capital.

The community supports smaller tech ecosystems in the EU by channelling investment flows from large ecosystems to smaller ones, via its Virtual Accelerator Marketplace (VAM), a vetted network of EU investors, accelerators and public funding programs aimed to help European startups raise cross-border capital more easily. 

Established in 2022 by a consortium of business accelerator programs and venture capitalists — including Spain’s ISDI, Denmark’s Accelerace, Poland’s FundingBox, Bulgaria-based XL Radar and Latvia’s Overkill Ventures — and is backed by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

ISDI is Spain’s largest digital business school that’s headquartered in Madrid and has its own accelerator program called IMPACT Accelerator at ISDI.

According to a company release, BEYOND is taking applications until November 17 and qualified founders are encouraged to apply with this link

Startups accepted by BEYOND will take part in an intensive, 10-week programme aimed at helping them raise seed and follow-on capital from quality international investors, according to a company statement. 

Early stage founders will reportedly receive a number of benefits from working with BEYOND, including: 

  • An investment of €50,000 from the BEYOND team, which is unlocked by raising another €100,000 from external investors — with extensive, personalised support from BEYOND’s advisors. 
  • An intensive set of bootcamps to advance startups to product-market fit and get them investor-ready.
  • Personal mentoring from top-tier advisors from Spain, Denmark, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria and more. 
  • An invitation to join BEYOND’s Virtual Accelerator Marketplace (VAM), a platform of EU investors, accelerators and public funding programs aimed to help EU startups raise cross-border capital more easily. 
  • Access to BEYOND’s investor insight database, which includes information not found online about investors and is aimed to help startups better align with VCs and Angels.
  • Access to potential customers and corporate partners willing to join pilot projects, and much more. 

Founders will also receive access to OnePass, a cross-border funding passport that allows startups to apply once to gain access to curated funding, tailored training and acceleration while cutting much of the red tape to receive investment. 

Up to 10 startups will be selected and, to be considered for the programme, interested startups must exhibit specific criteria, including proof of market growth, demonstration of a solution to the problem being solved, proof of other achievements, as well as a clear explanation of why the startup needs BEYOND. 

Startups that have already taken part in the first BEYOND cohort include Lulla Care, a Spanish app that provides expectant mothers with a maternity coach.