Spitche: Barcelona’s B2B startup gamifying Facebook’s falling organic reach

- April 30, 2018

Recent changes to Facebook’s newsfeed make organic reach harder for business, but a B2B startup operating out of Barcelona is incentivizing social media sharing for businesses through gamification.

Spitche is launching version two of its brand ambassador and micro-influencer platform for startups and e-commerce businesses to reinvent the way brands reward their ambassadors for sharing content across social media platforms.

The platform allows brand managers to develop a gamification plan that incentivizes social media engagement and sharing. Each Spitche ambassador campaign is linked to a Facebook Page and managers can decide on the number or rewards to offer and how many ambassadors will receive them. Fans simply sign up once using their Facebook account and then they can enjoy rewards for sharing brand content.

barcelona b2b organic reach

Matthieu Astarita

“Spitche cuts through the social media noise, giving power back to the users and helping them to express and share what interests them,” said Co-Founder and CMO Matthieu Astarita.

“By encouraging users to share brand content with their friends and families, businesses can be sure their content will continue to have an impact,” he added.

According to Inc., “proposed changes to Facebook’s news feed make it seem as though the social media giant is trying to make things harder, especially for small businesses who rely on content marketing.”

Spitche is officially the first platform to offer brand ambassador campaigns, allowing businesses to amplify their digital marketing efforts through organic engagement of customers, fans, employees and partners.

Business leaders can discover the benefits of using Spitche for themselves by signing up for the freemium service that offers one free ambassador campaign a month.

barcelona b2b organic reach

Kevin Markowski

“When I launched my first business, I wanted to find a tool that would help me find customers via recommendations, shares and engagement through my network. But there was just nothing out there,” said Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Markowski.

“We built Spitche on this premise and have listened to the many entrepreneurs and companies who have tested the platform in our private beta trial,” he added.

Micro-influencers and brand ambassadors are becoming a powerful online force: while brands continue to pay professional influencers, 83 percent of people are more likely to trust the advice and recommendations of their friends or family over any other source, according to Nielsen.

barcelona b2b organic reach

Matthieu Ramognino

Having been awarded startup of the month by La French Tech Barcelona, Spitche also has the distinction of having Matthieu Ramognino, former associate to the CEO at Glovo, on its Board of Advisors, along with the former head of digital and media at Cartier, Bruno Kaufmann; and Tim Cakir, head of growth and marketing at

“With Spitche you are two minutes away from transforming your customers into ambassadors and embracing the power of true social media,” said Ramognino.

“From branding to conversion trigger, micro ambassadors are here to represent you,” he added.

Earlier this year, Barcelona-based on-demand logistics platform Glovo expanded further into the South American market, this time setting up operations in Brazil.

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The Spanish startup landed in its fourth Latin American market after having started operations in Chile, Peru and Argentina. The company will deliver local gastronomic products, among other services.

Tim Hinchliffe

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