13 Spanish startup accelerator and incubator open calls launched this Spring

- April 27, 2018

La primavera returns to the Northern Hemisphere and with it a host of Spanish accelerator and incubator open calls to mark the coming of new startups.

¡Abril divino, que vienes
Cargado de sol y esencias
Llena con nidos de oro
Las floridas calaveras!
Federico García Lorca

The coming of Spring represents new beginnings. It is the season of rebirth where heavy rains give rise to new possibilities that incubate vitality and accelerate growth.

The number 13 represents the transition from one octave to the next, usually marking waves of disruption, and here are 13 open calls put out since the Spring equinox for Spanish startups as reported by El Referente.


I’MNOVATION Startups extends ACCIONA’s innovative focus towards an open innovation model. An initiative designed to detect disruptive technologies that will define a before and after in business models of the infrastructure sector.

They are looking for startups offering technological solutions along ACCIONA’s strategic lines of innovation, which seek to drive projects that can provide solutions to the technological challenges of  business sectors and that, through a pilot funded by ACCIONA, are able to be validated in a real-life setting.

The call is open until May 23 and you can sign up here.


The Tenkan-Ten startup accelerator program is part of the strategy developed by the New Business and Innovation Division of ASICS, whose objective is to promote growth and innovation throughout the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region with a focus on new services, products, technologies, methodologies, models of business and experiences for the consumer. Check out Novobrief‘s report on the Tenkan-Ten startup accelerator in Barcelona.


BARLAB is the entrepreneurial platform of Mahou San Miguel. It is a pioneering program at the national level that seeks to promote technological innovation in the entire value chain of Mahou San Miguel.

This edition is focused on projects related to some emerging trends such as blockchain, gaming, eSports, eCommerce, Big Data or Augmented Reality, among others. The call is open until May 14 and you can sign up here.


B-Venture, a financing event for startups of reference in the north of Spain, opens its call for entrepreneurs who are looking for visibility, financing and customers for their company. The call is open until June 15 and you can sign up here.


Lanzadera launches the BSH call for entrepreneurs to sign up for the two proposed challenges, through which they can develop projects that revolutionize the appliance industry and the experience of customers in the sector. Registration is open until May 16 and you can sign up for the challenge here.


The BStartup program of support for young innovative and technological companies of Banco Sabadell has the investment program BStartup10, with which it invests each year in 10 companies in initial phases of 100,000 euros per project in exchange for a share in social capital. The call is open throughout the year and you can sign up here.


CITA Emprende is an event co-organized by El Diario Vasco and Adegi. Its objective is to facilitate an inspirational and work context in which to stimulate connections in the key of Open Innovation Pyme-Startup. The call is open until May 10 and you can sign up here.


Cemex Ventures opens the call to sign up for ‘Construction Startup Competition’, a competition aimed at entrepreneurs and startups in the construction sector and whose call is open until June 3. You can register here.


EDP Starter Acceleration Program has been launched in Spain aiming to provide startups with the possibility of developing a pilot within EDP infrastructure. EDP’s final goal is to identify innovative projects with a broad development potential to speed up their scalability towards the commercial phase. They look for startups related to the sectors of clean energy, energy storage, smart grids, customer-focused solutions and Big Data. You can sign up here through April 30.


IE Rockets Acceleration is a residency program launched by the IE Business School that adapts to the specific needs of your startup. The program looks for personalized learning projects, analysis, learning delivery tools, collaborative learning, virtual and augmented reality, games, evaluation results, and corporate solutions. The call is open until May 31 and you can sign up here.


The Lanzadera and Garaje programs of the Lanzadera accelerator keep the call open throughout the year. The first of them is aimed at people or teams whose entrepreneurial projects have more than six months of life since its launch to the market while the second is focused on people with projects in the initial phase. You can sign up here.


The Bosch and Makro companies have opened the third edition of the Piosphere Challenge Award, an award that recognizes the innovative work of startups with the aim of promoting the development of a Spanish-German entrepreneurial ecosystem. The call is open until May 18 and you can sign up here.


The accelerator for Andalusian startups, Programa Minerva, is an initiative to boost technological entrepreneurship for the Consejería de Empleo, Empresa y Comercio and Vodafone. Its sixth call for innovative projects is open until June 5 and you can sign up here.


Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.