AllWomen creates 1st AI training campus for women in tech in Barcelona

- September 13, 2018

Barcelona-based creates the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) training campus specialized exclusively for women in tech.

Crowdfunding platform FutureFunded has just launched its new AllWomen brand under the .tech domain, accompanied by a new service offering for women in the technology sector.

Through the company’s experience in accompanying dozens of women in their training processes in the STEM sectors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), AllWomen now becomes the first training campus in the world in Artificial Intelligence and technological specialization for women only.

AllWomen now offers an 11-week Artificial Intelligence course and short face-to-face workshops on technological topics such as Chatbots, Blockchain, User Experience, Digital Analytics, Online Advertising and introductory courses in programming, among others.

ai women in tech

Cecilia Tham

The founders of wanted to create the first AI program only for women because this technology will be present in the near future in all layers of life.

Co-founders Cecilia Tham, CEO and Co-Founder of Makers of Barcelona; ​​and Laura Fernández, expert in the creation of training programs, came together to create the project with matching goals.

“The need has not changed,” said Fernández in a statement, adding, “the collective of women in the technology sector still needs a boost to increase the figures that indicate that they only represent in 25% of jobs.”

ai women in tech

Laura Fernández

“It’s a figure that drops to 18% in Spain, but this time we want to do it from the training because knowledge is our most valuable asset in a world of constant evolution,” she added.

The team is betting on a feminine environment that promotes inclusion with a training program designed with women at the center. It will operate from a safe and accessible space where women do not feel they belong to a minority, but are rather the protagonists.

The project will be officially presented at the ImaginCafé in Barcelona, ​​on September 26 at 7PM and will be attended by well-known women from the sector such as the award-winning Regina Llopis, specialist in artificial intelligence in the fields of energy, health, and finance and president of the AIA Group. continues the work initiated by FutureFunded in Barcelona at the end of 2017, aimed at boosting and increasing the number of women in the technology sector.

Since then, it has created a community formed by thousands of women, both local and international. AllWomen has held more than 20 virtual and in-person events for women and allies, including the female hackathon SheHacks together with La Caixa, and has carried out selection processes for technology companies such as Red Points, Cyberclick and Clickedu.

Likewise, will continue to offer services to companies such as access and hiring of female technological talent, specialized training in customized technology and support for raising awareness on issues of equality for teams.

This will continue the company’s work of accompanying women — and all those who feel identified as women — who want to develop their professional career in the technological field through training.

The Manifesto

ai women in tech


Tech is shaping our future, and we are ready to take the lead in creating it.

It’s time to give space for tech designed by all and for all.

We don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions, so we make space for what’s non-binary and all of its transformations along the way.

We are for every woman – from body, soul, and mind.

More than doing things alone, we’d rather build alliances to create new scenarios.

Using a common language makes it easier to find solutions together.

We believe in plural, collective, and diverse communities.

Everything is connected.

We have a thing for solving problems and we are not afraid to use data for good.

We know the impact of bringing new things into the world.

We care about the next generations and we want to be the heroines in shaping the new futures for them.

We know the strength behind a line of code and the exponential power of an algorithm.

We are the space where women and tech go well together and we are ready to bring change.

We want experiences that shows us the infinite between 0 and 1.

There is a place where your code follows your rules and it becomes your voice to bring social change.

We are the 50% who is ready to click with tech.

We are AllWomen.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.