The winners of Instant Banking Hack Days, Banco Sabadell’s hackathon

- October 13, 2014

banco sabadell hackathon

Banco Sabadell has become one of the most tech-friendly banks in Spain. Not only it offers access to an API for developers to build apps on top of it, but it also runs the BStartup 10 startup program and hackathons for fintech projects. The latest hackathon took place this past weekend in Barcelona.

100 people and 23 teams spent more than 30 hours together building financial apps and software. All of the participating projects can be found here and the prizes for each category included access to various services and ‘fast-track passes’ for BStartup 10.

According to participants the event was very well organized and mentors and employees from Sabadell were very helpful. However, many of teams that were part of the hackathon were not able to present finished products and it seemed as if several were there to present their idea to the bank instead of building it during the event.

The winners of the Instant Banking Hack Day were:

  • Wallabe: a social banking concept that “allows Banco Sabadell be part of the sharing economy”. The app lets users withdraw money anywhere and at anytime using smartphones.
  • Quipu (Best tech development): online invoicing software for startups and freelancers. The company already existed prior to the event, but the team developed Quipu Ripae there, an extension that integrates with Sabadell’s API.
  • Investcity (Youngest team): the project tries to establish a link between financial products and games, allowing users to better understand how the financial industry works and to buy and sell shares applying gamification to the process.
  • Llevando la banca a casa (Most innovative project).

All of the projects developed at the hackathon belong to the teams that built them. Banco Sabadell uses these types of events to raise awareness among the startup and dev community.

Photo | Banco Sabadell

Jaime Novoa

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