Accelerator introduces new funding deal for European startups embracing Web3 era

- April 11, 2022

Open Web Collective, an up-and-coming Web3 and blockchain accelerator, has announced a new $650,000 USD funding offer for startups looking to create new ventures for the Web3 era. 

The new funding deal will combine funding with investors, mentors, and corporate partners in three-month accelerator program.

Founders interested should apply here by June 30. 

Said Open Web Collective founder Mildred Idada, “The Open Web Collective team’s aim is to partner with innovative startups and investors, support the Web3 sector, and help to uncover the next unicorns.”

“2022 will be filled with launches, fresh batches, and new projects. This quarter is just a sneak peak of what’s to come this year, and we are excited to give our community a front row seat.”

To date the organization has supported 28 startups raise over $300M USD in cumulative funding, including:

  • Zecrey, a scalable ZK-rollup based Layer-2 privacy protocol that enables cross-chain swaps for any assets between any chains across an all-in-one plugin wallet that supports multi-chains and aggregated assets.
  • Shrub Finance, a decentralized exchange where users can buy or write crypto options of any size. 
  • Solace, an underwriter of insurance policies for DeFi liquidity providers to hedge their risk in the event of smart contract exploits, hacks, and any tech-related failures. 
  • NEARPay, an API for a seamless fiat-to-crypto on-and-off ramp experience to exchange funds between fiat and cryptocurrency. 
  • OpenSky, who have found a way to collateralize NFTs and turn them into income-producing capital assets that users can lend, borrow, lease and trade while also offering price discovery, appraisals, and short-term liquidity for NFT owners.
  • Satori, a startup that actively manages tokens, similar to actively managed certificates in traditional finance.
  • DoinGud, a community-owned social NFT platform powering a world of self-sovereign galleries where every sale contributes to social causes.
  • T-Squared, a service that allows readers to monetize their attention by measuring the time they are engaged with content using Web 3.0 technologies.