10 Spanish startups connect with investors, mentors in Silicon Valley

- May 18, 2018

Ten Spanish startups connect with investors, mentors, and VCs in Silicon Valley through the Spain Tech Center Immersion Program.

With the support of ICEX and, the Spain Tech Center Immersion Program brought 10 Spanish startups to Silicon Valley where they made connections with potential investors and clients, El Referente reported on Thursday.

The meetings in Silicon Valley allowed the 10 Spanish startups to determine the acceptance of their product, their possibilities of expansion into the market, and the necessary tools to plan and execute their entries into the world’s most influential tech hub.

The 10 Spanish startups that made the trek to California were:

  • Boardfy – a startup helping companies and brands to develop their strategies by making pricing accessible through process automation and constant market monitoring.
  • Checkealos – provides a way to connect every digital professional with their target audience and break that barrier with their end user no matter the size.
  • Ecertic – the first technology company to offer an END TO END solutions for the processes of online contracting, electronic notifications, and digital signature that integrates proprietary technology with legal guarantees.
  • JVSP – offers a gamified, easy-to-use, eye-catching platform that promotes retention with a microlearning approach.
  • LastMile – makes a tangible impact on business results and customer experience, optimizing last mile transport and customer engagement.
  • ShopAdvizor – through its ShopAdvizor platform with offices in Madrid, Paris, and Buenos Aires, TrialPanel has developed a loyalty program in collaboration with Carrefour France that allows users to test products for free by giving their opinion.
  • Valeet – a valet parking service app, that works right on the curb of the terminal.
  • Wallbox – a company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of charging solutions for electric vehicles, based in Barcelona and with a global vision.
  • Wenalyze – analyzes clients and draws personal profiles based on working, leisure and finance risks as well as way of living, hobbies, likes and personality traits through open data.
  • Woom – a data model driven startup to empower women to maximize chances of pregnancy either natural or through medical treatment.

According to El Referente, Woom Co-Founder and CEO Laurence Fontinoy joined the Spain Tech Center Immersion Program with the aim of expanding her network of contacts in Silicon Valley in order to reinforce a possible entrance to the United States.

Likewise for Diego Chorny, Co-Founder and CEO at ShopAdvizor, the immersion program helped him rethink his alliances with clients, refine the validation of his business model, and return with the conviction that inspiration is key for entrepreneurs.

And Ecertic CEO Raúl Tapia, recommended the program as a useful experience to help companies that have doubts about whether they should focus on the US market and know how to determine the best time to land in Silicon Valley.

The 10 Spanish startups attending the Spain Tech Center Immersion Program have already stated that they will begin to market their products or services in the United States and more than half plan to carry out some type of operation in Silicon Valley.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.