Spanish tech news: 5/4/2017

- April 5, 2017
Startup funding news ?
  • Employment app Jobin raised €320,000 from business angels such as Carlos Blanco or Angel Cano, former CEO of BBVA in Spain
Investor and accelerator ?
  • B4Motion, the venture arm and lab associated to automotive company Berge Auto, expects to invest up to €30 million in startups until 2019
Startup news ?
  • Spotahome says that it has generated €35 million in gross sales (or the total sum of the transactions that have taken place on its platform) since its inception three years ago. The platform also claims to have 30,000 rooms or flats and 10,000 landlords
  • Treatwell says that it has increased bookings on its platform by 4X in Q1 2017 in Spain
  • Alpify, an app that was created to help safe lives in the mountains, is now available to keep track of your loved ones in cities and other environments
  • Startup profile(s): Tiruleta (fashion e-commerce for kids)
Big tech news ?
  • Amazon forced to pay €2.2 million in fines to Spain’s tax office (Hacienda) following an inspection
  • Uber released its first financials in Spain: the company had €1.2 million in revenue in its second year
Tech and policy ??‍♀️
  • Spain’s budget, presented yesterday, includes an increase of 4,1% in R&D, reaching €6 billion. El Confidencial has an article explaining why not everything about the increase should be considered as positive
Interesting reads ?
  • The reality of junior engineers/programmers in Spain
  • El Pais published an interview with Santiago Pina Ros, a Spaniard engineer who currently works at WhatsApp

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