Spanish professional football league and SportBoost launch AI-driven ‘Meet LaLiga’ initiative

- May 11, 2023

LaLiga, the prestigious Spanish professional football league, and SportBoost, a leading innovation and sports technology company, have joined forces to revolutionize the sports industry through cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. 

Together they have launched the ‘Meet LaLiga‘ program, aimed at discovering startups from around the globe that harness the power of AI to optimize processes, enhance productivity, and drive innovation within the sports industry.

An intersection of sports and AI

LaLiga, renowned for its rich footballing heritage, global reach, and commitment to technological advancements, has recognized the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of sports. 

By partnering with SportBoost, a company at the forefront of sports technology innovation, LaLiga aims to leverage AI-driven solutions to elevate the overall sports experience, from player performance analysis to fan engagement strategies.

The program serves as a testament to Spain’s position as a global leader in both football and AI. 

Spain has long been recognized as a footballing powerhouse, with LaLiga serving as a hub for top-tier talent and thrilling matches. 

Additionally, the country has been nurturing a thriving AI ecosystem, marked by groundbreaking research, innovative startups, and supportive policies. 

By uniting football and AI, LaLiga, and SportBoost aim to foster synergy between these two domains, driving innovation and propelling the sports industry into an era of unprecedented efficiency and advancement.

The innovation realm of sports

The ‘Meet LaLiga’ program sets out to discover startups that operate under generative AI models, which have the potential to optimize various aspects of the sports industry. 

From performance analytics and injury prevention to data-driven marketing strategies and fan engagement initiatives, the possibilities for AI-driven solutions in sports are vast.

By seeking out startups with pioneering ideas and technologies, LaLiga and SportBoost aim to tap into these possibilities and push the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of sports.

This collaborative initiative is designed to attract startups that have already launched a minimum viable product in the market, ensuring that the selected companies possess the necessary foundation to scale their AI solutions. 

The program’s timeline for proposal submissions extends from today until June 16, 2023, offering startups ample time to showcase their innovations and gain recognition within the industry. 

The rigorous selection process will identify up to five winning startups, granting them exclusive access to the interactive ‘Meet LaLiga’ event.

At the ‘Meet LaLiga’ event, the winning startups will have a unique opportunity to showcase their AI-driven projects and interact directly with influential decision-makers from LaLiga and SportBoost.¬†

Sports team mindset

This immersive experience will foster meaningful discussions, provide valuable feedback, and enable potential collaborations with key players in the AI ecosystem. 

The event’s dynamic nature encourages active engagement and networking, creating a conducive environment for startups to explore partnerships and form connections that can drive their success.

The benefits for the winners extend beyond the event itself.

Additionally, LaLiga and SportBoost may consider participating in future financing rounds of the winning companies, offering potential equity stake participation to support their growth and development.

Moreover, SportBoost, in collaboration with LaLiga, will provide an acceleration program tailored to the needs of the winning startup(s). 

This program will offer valuable resources, mentorship, and guidance to help startups further refine their AI solutions and navigate the challenges of scaling their businesses. 

LaLiga, with its innovative mindset, is also open to exploring pilot programs and various forms of collaboration with the winning companies, creating opportunities for mutual learning and practical application of AI-based solutions in the sports industry