Madrid’s IMPACT Accelerator announces its first cohort of ‘Acelera Startups’, a program supported by EOI and the EU

- April 8, 2024

This week we learned which companies will take part in the first cohort of IMPACT Accelerator’s Acelera Startups program, a startup acceleration initiative supported by Spain’s School of Industrial Organization (EOI) and funded by the European Commission’s NextGenerationEU fund under the Recovery and Resilience Plan from the government of Spain.

The selected startups will benefit from a 100% subsidized and customized program developed by IMPACT Accelerator, the acceleration program ISDI, Spain’s all-digital business school. The startups will get support in areas such as funding from investors, development of their business models, as well as attracting new customers and partnerships with large companies.

The program kicked off on April 3 with an event at IMPACT’s Madrid headquarters. Over the following months, companies will receive 54 hours of workshops and group lessons, as well as 40 hours of one-on-one mentoring focused on driving the growth and development of their project, along with networking opportunities and access to funding.

“We are delighted to welcome our first cohort of promising companies to the Acelera Startups programs,” said Jesus Tapia, Director of IMPACT Accelerator. “Thanks to the important work of the EOI and funding from the EU Next Generation funds, we can provide these talented founders with the tools they need to grow and scale their startups. IMPACT’s extensive network of investors, industry experts, and corporate partners are there for the founders at every step of their journey over the next few months.”

The Madrid program is one of four initiatives being undertaken by IMPACT under the Acelera Startups program, which has also partnered with various other companies and accelerators around Spain to conduct free acceleration programs. 

IMPACT also counts a regional Acelera Startups program in Catalonia and two programs for startups across Spain focused on innovation for the Mobility and Telecommunications, and Digital Business sectors.

The startups selected for the Acelera Startups program in Madrid are:

  • KidFlit: KidFlit facilitates the experience of parenting, making it more affordable and ecological. The platform integrates a wide variety of products in good condition so that parents can save costs and rent only what their children require at each stage, without having to make large financial investments.
  • Tenlow: A platform that redefines consumption with an innovative approach, prioritizing sustainability and the circular economy. It offers access to quality goods without the need to own them, which not only saves space and money but also drives a more efficient economic flow.
  • Resueltoos: Resueltoos is an educational platform specialized in mathematics that automates classes and is capable of generating training days with an AI and video system. Detects learning problems, corrects the student on video, and learns from their mistakes by adapting to them and sending them a personalized training plan.
  • InQidea: Customizable business platform that adapts technology to the unique needs of each business or sector. Its mission is to connect entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs in a space without distractions, driving growth and collaboration through collective intelligence.
  • Fulanita: Rental clothing marketplace where users can monetize their clothing without getting rid of it or renting clothing from other users, providing a more economical and sustainable circular fashion option.
  • GivitNFT: GivitNFT is a platform that helps entrepreneurs and projects create their first community by using Web3 technology as a tool to engage the audience with challenges on social networks in exchange for digital rewards.
  • Dixtree: Music aggregator that seeks to add tools for mechanical rights management through the tokenization of musical assets to obtain royalty advances without assigning rights or depending on traditional loans.
  • Maikai Pets: Natural product brand for pets with a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility that is innovating with the introduction of artificial intelligence in the purchasing experience.
  • Graddus: Open guidance platform that allows schools to improve their conversion funnel and students to make better decisions for their future through an AI system that helps them choose their next academic step based on their interests, aspirations, and performance.
  • Hablam: Tool that allows you to easily contact and communicate, through chat or video call, with like-minded people who want to talk about the topics they share, even if they do not belong to the same physical, social, or professional environment.
  • Perkss: Mobile application that allows consumers to obtain various loyalty programs in one place. Through Perkss, users can earn loyalty euros and other emotional rewards every time they shop at their favorite brands.
  • Neoknow: The company specializes in educational management programs. NeoKnow focuses its efforts on providing innovative training processes with greater impact through various lines based on the application of new pedagogical models in combination with the application of technologies.
  • Singularis: A B2B training company with innovative and virtual metrology that is developing virtual reality projects and new immersive technologies.

In addition to the acceleration, the companies will obtain other benefits that include:

  • Access to the ISDI Investors Club: more than 180 private and institutional investors.
  • Business mentors and high-level specialists: assigned to each project according to its needs and business model.
  • Access to more than 100 experts from the IMPACT ecosystem: who have in-depth knowledge of a particular area (business model, UX/UI, legal, technology, digital marketing, financing, etc.) and whose services projects can be requested on demand.
  • Be part of the ISDI – DIGITALENT Group Ecosystem: which includes large corporations and institutions, IMPACT alumni startups, and much more.
  • Exclusive events: you will have access to in-person and online events including pitch events in front of members of the biggest technology and business media.
  • Perks Program: List of free or highly discounted services for each project valued at approximately €400,000.