Google Launchpad – Lovefit: Finding your target audience with Facebook experiments

- October 7, 2015

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In our second Madrid Google Launchpad report, we take a look at Lovefit, a Madrid-based startup that is in the process of building an app that aimed to take love relationships “to the next level” by applying a gamification layer.

At the time of the program, the team had yet to launch the app for iOS or Android and was working on a prototype that they’d use to validate some of their hypothesis. Prior to joining Google Launchpad, Lovefit performed various marketing tests to acquire potential users and build anticipation around the product.

Lovefit’s team is formed by:

  • Carlos Murillo (marketing)
  • Jesús Segnini (tech)
  • Óscar Guevara (design)
  • Ángel Salamanca (product)

In this report we take a look at Lovefit’s marketing strategy and how it helped the company find its target audience and, therefore, make product-related decisions.

Lovefit Google Launchpad

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These case studies do not aim to provide a definitive guide for solving a problem, but rather to provide a glimpse into how taking a week to rethink your startup with the help of highly qualified mentors can offer companies a fresh perspective on their struggles and missed opportunities. This was a paid project and Google covered the expenses associated with the production of these reports.

Jaime Novoa

Jaime Novoa is the Founder of Novobrief. He is a technology writer turned investor at Madrid's K Fund. He was also a data analyst at