Spain to digitize Agtech sector with John Deere, VisualNACert collaboration

- December 4, 2017

A collaboration between Spain’s Telefónica, startup VisualNACert, and John Deere dubbed “Visual Green” aims to digitize the country’s Agtech sector.

The Visual Green project will utilize the Visual Green platform from Valencia-based VisualNACert, a leading company working to make profitable agriculture through technology.

All the data collected by Visual Green can be taken from John Deere equipment to create a digital field notebook while simultaneously building an automated cost analysis for each farmer or proprietor.

Digitizing this process will help farmers better manage their operations while cutting through bureaucratic red tape at an accelerated rate.

Adding to the diversity of the project, the technology used will not only be linked to John Deere, it can also be hooked up to other information systems such as drones, satellites, sensors, agroclimatic stations, and relational database management systems like SAP HANA.

By combining VisualNACert’s platform with John Deere technology, farmers will have a massive repository of data in which to better organize their farms.

Through John Deere’s portal, users can:

  • Manage their John Deere Financial accounts, including online payments.
  • Collect and analyze machine and agronomic information.
  • Manage all their John Deere technology subscriptions.
  • Search for parts solutions—including inventory and pricing—then place orders.

Spain’s Telefónica, the parent company of the Wayra accelerator, is heavily promoting the project as VisualNACert was a graduate of its 2014 class.

Lucia Iborra

After graduation, the geolocation and visualization startup went on to raise 1 million Euros in funding. At the time of the investment in 2015, VisualNACert CEO Lucía Iborra foreshadowed how important the startup’s contribution to Spain’s Agtech sector would be, saying, “It [the funding] will mean a major change for the Agtech sector, making Spain a benchmark for the market.”

VisualNACert’s mission is the digitalization of agriculture, farm management systems connected to IoT 4.0, GIS technology, and data analysis. This includes automating information and gaining efficiency through machines, sensors, and databases.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.