IE University and Clibrain bet hard on Spanish language AI-development

- June 2, 2023

IE University’s Center for the Governance of Change and AI platform Clibrain, hosted the first ‘AI y Español’ Hackathon where they highlighted that despite the exponential growth AI technology has seen in recent years, it has yet to learn how to operate in Spanish.

The event had more than 100 students enrolled and distributed across 11 teams, and Neural Nomads came in victorious.

The project, developed by students from IE’s Robotic and AI Club, showcased a SaaS-based solution that stores documents and texts in a private database that can later be consulted by users through a chat. 

Elena González Blanco, CEO of Clibrain, took the opportunity to introduce the LyrAIcs project– the first AI song recommender fully in Spanish.

“AI does not yet speak Spanish well in all its linguistic varieties. We have a unique opportunity to teach and train it, but to do so we have to work together” said Elena, who also serves as the Research Director of LyrAIcs at the CGC of IE University. “

The hackathon also served as the framework to hold a roundtable to deepen the situation of Spanish-based AI applications, their global development, and the economic and cultural implications behind it.

This saw the participation of Guillermo Escribano Manzano, Global General Director of the Spanish Language at MAEUEC, María Grandury, Machine Learning Research Engineer at neurocat, and L. Alfonso Ureña López, Professor at the Universidad de Jaén.

AI avant-garde

As part of the growing debate on the possibilities and challenges of AI, IE University recently presented its Manifesto on Artificial Intelligence, a statement in which the institution highlights the school’s main programs, initiatives, and research projects that the university promotes to enrich the learning experience of its students, broadens their training and develops their skills with critical thinking, cultivating an analytical mindset and a humanistic perspective of innovation above all else. 

Last week, IE University hosted OpenAI’s founder Sam Altman, the mastermind behind ChatGPT, who discussed with students and selected invitees the challenges, uses, and regulations needed around this new technology.

Clibrain, a newly founded company features in its leadership team professional with over 15 years of experience in AI, technology, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Besides Elena, the company was founded by Pablo Fernández (President), David Villalón (Chief AI Officer), Paul Martz (CPO), and Pablo Molina (CTO).