French dental tech startup Allisone enters Spanish market after raising €10M from Samaipata

- October 17, 2022

Thanks to the early-stage Spanish VC fund Samaipata, who led the €10 million investment round alongside C4 Ventures, the French startup Allisone is ready to revolutionize dental medicine in Spain. Its solution is focused on helping patients to organize and take control of their dental health through direct communication with their dentist. 

Allisone is one of the few cloud-based software in the industry and has already 1,200 users. The French startup looks to facilitate and support dental imagery reading through easy visual representation. This helps to a better understanding of the patient and an easy explanation from the dentist. In this way, patients will be able to read easily and see their own dental injuries, leading to a stronger relationship with their physician and therefore guaranteeing a follow-up treatment. With costly dental medicine in Spain, it is essential to understand the reasons and challenges of any treatment before paying for it. 

As Jose del Barrio, founding partner at Samaipata pointed out, the main reasons to invest in this team and in the industry are:

  1. “Allisone’s vision to build an Operating System for dental care that will gradually build their network effects across the entire supply chain. 
  2. Dentists have strong incentives to adopt a platform to increase a clinic’s productivity and help with patients’ trust.
  3. Strong founder market fit of the team, bringing together years of experience in dentistry, dental care operations, software development and medical SaaS business development.”
Lionel Elbaz, co-founder and CEO of Allisone

With the investment, Allisone’s growth won’t stop in Spain. The Samaipata investment will help the French startup implement its internationalization strategy in Italy, the United States, the UK, and Germany, to finally reach more than 3,000 users on the platform by the end of the year. 

Allisone is a solution created for and by the dentist society, its co-founder and CEO, Lionel Elbaz mentioned, “after working as a dental surgeon for 10 years, I wanted to address the challenges we face in our daily jobs. I’m proud of being able to develop this solution with the mission of improving dental health care and control while bringing comfort to the job for all the professionals in the industry around Europe”.