Fintech startups in Spain

- April 6, 2015

fintech startups spain

Since we launched this publication we’ve been paying a big chunk of our attention to the Spanish fintech startup sector, since companies like Kantox or peerTransfer -among many others- have been doing a remarkable job at disrupting various financial services from our very own country.

To help people understand the size of Spain’s fintech industry, we’ve put together a list of the main fintech sectors and its corresponding startups.

Our coverage of the industry won’t stop here, and in the near future we plan to publish various posts on the challenges local fintech startups face when they decide to be based in Spain (instead of London or Hong Kong, for example), how Spanish regulators impact their activities and other relevant topics.

This list of fintech startups in Spain is not definitive, and we’ll continue to update it regularly. If you feel like we’re missing a certain startup or sector, let us know in the comments.

Fintech startups in Spain


Personal lending

P2P & other forms of lending


Personal finances

Equity crowdfunding


Credit solutions for consumers & ecommerce

Investment tools & portfolio management

Factoring and invoice discounting


Secondary markets

Special thanks to David Pombar and Molpe for helping us put together the list. 

Jaime Novoa

Jaime Novoa is the Founder of Novobrief. He is a technology writer turned investor at Madrid's K Fund. He was also a data analyst at