Who doesn’t like free money? These are the 20 startups selected by Impact Accelerator

- January 15, 2015

impact accelerator startups

Impact Accelerator has named the 20 startups that will be part of its first acceleration program, aimed at mobile projects from all over Europe that must commit to using FIWARE’s technology. The initiative is being pushed forward by a consortium of corporations and Venture Capital firms, including ISDI, Buongiorno (B-Ventures), Seaya Ventures and Teknologiudviking ApS.

The program includes online mentorship from professionals of various backgrounds (former executives, Venture Capitalists, business angels, etc) who might benefit from this relationship (deal flow), as well as up to €100,000 for each of the 20 startups. Impact will not receive any equity in return, basically providing free capital for European mobile products and services.

Here’s the list of the chosen startups that will participate in Impact’s first program:

  • 8fit: app that helps users reach their goals by providing them with a custom workout and meal plan.

  • Bastly: mobile backend service that provides state tech to mobile devs.

  • Bridge Mediatech: platform that enables widespread use of big data and second screen tech to TV and radio sector.

  • Chronobook: online service to manage photos, videos, social network profiles and more.

  • Coffeestrap: mobile market to improve language skills.

  • Conductr: music creation app specifically designed for the iPad.

  • Crowdfashion: app that allows users to create their own fashion style using crowdsourcing techniques.

  • Goalshouter: helps football clubs of any size to better connect their supporters with their sponsors.

  • Healthia: app that aims to change private health care to a more transparent, accessible and patient-centered one, aiming to put patients directly in contact with doctors.

  • Inevio: HTML5 virtual desktop technology.

  • Intoino: allows you to learn and build electronic projects in minutes without being a programmer or engineer.

  • Mivoq: offers innovative services suitable for creating and using personalized synthetic voices on mobile devices.

  • N’joy Corporation: develops both hardware and software solutions to make the shopping experience more enjoyable at the point of sale.

  • Notegraphy: app that rethinks the way users write and share text online through design.

  • Olaii Payments: offers visitors to pay in the fastest and securest way to event organizers.

  • Onomodo: scalable software technology that combines mobile networks and eliminates roaming completely at a network level.

  • Psious: mobile based technology which uses hyper-realistic virtual environments to treat anxiety disorders by virtual gradual exposure.

  • mobile application that helps language teachers correct texts.

  • Shopping Leaks: helps restaurants order their supplies of food and beverages by using mobile apps.

  • Smartsea: integrates smart technology into yachting using mobile devices.

Jaime Novoa

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