Arcano launches Balboa Ventures II with a target investment of €150M, focus on the US, EU and Israel

- May 18, 2022

Madrid-based Arcano Capital has announced the launch of Balboa Ventures II, with a target fundraising of €150 million. This comes for the independent firm specializing in alternative asset management after more than 11 years of investing in venture capital. With the success of its previous program Balboa Ventures I, which gained access to the most exclusive managers in the industry with optimal diversification, Arcano Capital continues its strategy focused on venture capital.

Balboa Ventures II will follow the same strategy as the previous program, which continues to experience very positive developments in both investment and returns. The latter closed definitively in September 2021, reaching its hard cap of €100 million. Balboa Ventures II’s approach is to aim at the disruption that technology companies are causing in traditional business models, generating returns that are significantly higher than those achieved by other asset classes.

The main objective is to continue investing in early stages, given their stability and decorrelation with the volatility of public markets, complemented by highly selected co-investments in companies in more advanced stages (growth) and always within the technology sector. Regarding the geographical focus, Balboa Ventures II will focus its investments mainly on the United States, with a significant investment also in Europe and in Israel.

A team with extensive experience

Balboa Ventures II will be managed by the Arcano Capital team. The investment committee for this program is headed by Álvaro de Remedios, founder and executive president of Arcano Partners, and by José Luis del Río, partner and co-CEO of Arcano Capital.

In the first line of the project will be Francisco Navas, Investment Director of the venture capital area of ​​Arcano Partners, who has assured: “We continue to believe that having exposure to technology is essential due to the importance and impact it has on the economy. Doing it through a program like Balboa is recommended given the risk diversification it offers as well as access to the best venture capital managers with whom we have been working since we began investing in this vertical more than 11 years ago. In addition, the current market environment offers a unique opportunity for investment from the point of view of potential returns, both due to discipline in prices, as well as the longer times to make investment decisions or the competitiveness of different market agents. among others.”

Francisco has also stated: “The importance and impact of technology will continue to be more present than ever, both from the point of view of technologies that will become more relevant, such as cybersecurity or artificial intelligence, as well as technologies that will help to face challenges such as the decarbonization objectives”.