AI Tech Summit: an event to position Spain as the epicenter of AI in Europe

- January 31, 2024

In many ways, Europe has emerged as a leader in artificial intelligence (AI).

Most notably for paving the way for AI regulation with last year’s EU AI Act, but also through a number of ground-breaking AI firms such as Aleph Alpha, Mistral AI, and Synthesia, to name a few.

And while most of Europe’s AI might comes from countries like Germany and France, Spain too has thrown its hat in the AI race and his home to at least 600 AI companies that have raised over USD $1 billion, according to data from Crunchbase.

As part of a push to position Spain as a hub for AI companies of the future, the coastal city of Málaga is preparing for the second edition of the AI Tech Summit on April 17 and 18. The event is space to explore new horizons in AI with a specialized focus on automation, banking, technology, engineering, telecommunications, and many other fields.

As a technology worker, a business proprietor, or just someone who loves tech to no end, the event offers an unmissable opportunity to gain some insight into how AI and technology are changing the world.

An opportunity to connect with AI experts

As part of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (ENIA), the promotion of AI is one of the main elements of the Spain Digital Agenda 2026. It aims to help transform the country’s production model and boost the Spanish economy in the coming years.

In line with this vision, the AI Tech Summit was created, and in a short time, has become a local and international reference point for professionals who want to learn about the latest AI solutions impacting different industries.

Confirmed speakers include names such as Roi Rodriguez De Bernardo, director of AI and cloud ecosystem development at Huawei; Ronny Fehling, partner and vice president of generative artificial intelligence at BCG X; Rene Pajta, cloud solutions architect at Microsoft; Dali Karray, data strategy, monetization and AI-Led digital transformation at Renault; among many others.

The summit aims to bring together the most lucid minds in the industry to share their visions on the latest advancements and transformations in AI and technology.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a developer, or passionate about technology, the summit promises a unique platform to deepen your understanding of how AI and technology redefine our world.

It is also a tremendous opportunity to educate yourself and learn more about this ever-evolving industry, understand the social impact of AI, and the ethical dimensions, risks, and challenges related to this cutting-edge technology.

Of course, it will also be an ideal platform to explore new collaborations, harness the power of networking, and even promote and socialize your related projects with other attendees.