AI takes center stage in Lanzadera’s latest startup selection

- May 5, 2023

Lanzadera, the business accelerator from Marina de Empresas propelled by Spanish businessman Juan Roig, just announced the selection of 86 startups from Spain and Portugal for its May call. 

The chosen companies are using disruptive technology in logistics, finance, mobility, sports, agriculture, healthcare, education, sustainability, and construction.

Lanzadera’s CEO, Marta Nogueras, said the startups “stand out for having developed digital innovations in all economic sectors, thus providing solutions to unmet needs in the market.” 

Since its foundation in 2013, Lanzadera has supported over 1,200 companies, providing €21.8 million in loans.

Together, these companies have attracted external investment of over €830 million.

Currently, around 300 startups are receiving support from Lanzadera at its facilities located in the Marina de Valencia.

The AI generation

The 86 companies have been placed in one of the four phases that make up Lanzadera’s program, depending on their level of maturity.

The Scale Up phase is aimed at established companies with a proven model seeking to achieve new goals.

The Growth phase is focused on companies seeking rapid growth.

The Traction phase is assigned to early-stage startups, and the Start phase is for entrepreneurs still developing their projects.

In a tailor-made approach where financing is given according to each startup’s needs, the companies can receive financing of up to €500,000.

In addition, they will have the opportunity to collaborate with large companies through the corporate agreements and partnerships currently active in Lanzadera.

This year, Lanzadera placed a special focus on startups integrating the use of AI within their offering, following global trends that expect to see an annual growth rate of 37.3% between 2023 and 2030 for AI technology across multiple industries.

Some of the selected startups chosen to take part in this edition include Beawre, which uses IA to predict the evolution of business processes and reduce risks in real-time, Ionclinics, a high-tech medical device company using AI to pioneer brain neuromodulation and Zenit Solar, which offers big data tools and AI to help promoters of shared self-consumption to create and manage smart energy communities.