Startupbootcamp Barcelona announces startups in its first IoT/Big Data program

- January 16, 2015

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Right in the middle of the summer, pan-Europan startup accelerator Startupbootcamp announced that it was coming back to Spain. Barcelona was the chosen city to launch a program focused on the Internet of Things and big data sectors, with the help of corporates and local institutions that already have a presence in the Catalan city.

Following twelve pitch days all around the world and more than 250 applications, Startupbootcamp announced this week the 10 startups that will be part of the three-month program. Each startup will receive €15,000 in funding in exchange of 8% equity as well as office space in the Media-TIC building, right in the middle of the 22@Barcelona district.

These are the 10 chosen startups by Startupbootcamp:

  • Cubilog (Hungary): the company saves users time and money by connecting all smart (or not) devices to one hub and one app.

  • Datumize (Spain): software solution for corporate clients that captures and stores large amounts of data with efficient energy savings.

  • eNovalys (France): a way to manage, share and exploit unpublished scientific data.

  • Muzze (Netherlands): they help curators and museums unlock their untold stories through an app and audio tours.

  • Nuwe (UK): the team wants to develop powerful digital health services.

  • Oasys (Spain): central place for the home by providing technology that unites families in a unit with water.

  • Plytix (Denmark): providers of a transparent product based web analytics platform with a tool that enables brands to track sales data of their products across retailers’ websites.

  • Teraki (Germany): their solution employs newest techniques to reduce the amount of data generated by sensors by up to a factor 10 without compromising its quality.

  • The Social Coin (Spain): the company aims to improve people’s life through fostering and giving visibility to acts of kindness.

  • Zolertia (Spain): easy and ready-to-use hardware that will let people connect with their things in the same simple and powerful way people are connecting today through Internet.

The program is being led by Angel García and Algo de Jong and will have two demo days: March 3rd at 4YFN and April 9th.

Jaime Novoa

Jaime Novoa is the Founder of Novobrief. He is a technology writer turned investor at Madrid's K Fund. He was also a data analyst at