Biwel paves way for Spanish companies working abroad to have unified health plans

- June 6, 2018

Barcelona-based Biwel is paving the way for Spanish companies working abroad to have unified occupational health plans by launching its first program for Encofrados Alsina (Alsina Formwork Solutions).

Biwel, which develops occupational health programs, has expanded its scope of action to lead the management of projects for “healthy companies” abroad.

Currently, Biwel is working to achieve international occupational health projects for Spanish companies and plans to open a market in several countries in South America in 2019.

The Catalan startup recently launched a global occupational health plan for Spanish company Encofrados Alsina’s nearly 700 workers in more than 17 international subsidiaries (70% of the staff) and more than 10 delegations in Spain (30% of the staff).

Alsina has been a fixture on the Spanish scene since the 1950s and has operations abroad in North America, South America, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

Alsina’s core business is based on offering a dedicated service based on innovation, quality, safety and efficiency on suppling formwork and shoring systems, according the needs of each customer worldwide.

In the first week of launching with Biwel, Alsina reached 30% of the adherent workers in half of the venues and is working to reach a 60% adherence in its global workforce.

Biwel is expanding its borders and initiates in a process of internationalization for Spanish companies.

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Estel Mallorquí

“It is very difficult for a delocalized company to offer a homogeneous service and be able to reach everyone at the international level, but thanks to our platform obtaining an impact evaluation of the investment that the company is making in its healthy business project can be obtained,” said Biwel CEO Estel Mallorquí in a statement to the press.

Biwel’s single platform unifies all the occupational health projects in one channel in order to create a program that helps improve health and wellbeing and job satisfaction while retaining talent and team cohesion.

The Spanish startup specializes in the analysis, management, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive occupational health promotion programs for healthy companies.

Biwel improves health and productivity by offering an integrated and comprehensive wellbeing solution that manages, communicates complex information, and creates ongoing engagement with companies and consumer audiences in a simple way.

The platform supports companies abroad with the figure of the Wellbeing Manager, which in turn helps coordinate all the leaders of each country with the creation of this new healthy business culture.

“The role of the leaders of international subsidiaries and the figure of the Wellbeing Manager is key to achieving good participation ratios,” adds Mallorquí.

The project offers employees a portal where they can monitor their wellbeing in an integral way and obtain personalized recommendations. It offers its workers a tool that gives them value to improve their health.

For its part, the company obtains data in real time on the impact, analytical evolution, and ability to manage healthy campaigns in a segmented manner.

Biwel’s platform is able to manage and monitor people’s health and wellbeing through wearables and smart devices. as a scalable SaaS solution.

Through a scorecard, companies can measure the business impact of their overall wellness programs. The 360 solution is able to analyze, relate and detect patterns of welfare through proprietary algorithms and according to their needs of each company.

Automatically, it provides a track of absenteeism, engagement through gamification custom corporate and individual challenges and improve health by promoting healthy habits among the community. The employee finds tailored solutions that will indicate them the way forward to improve and participate in activities and challenges proposed by the community and the company.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.