Spanish tech news: 18/4/2017

Startup funding news 💸
  • Energy startup Dexma has closed a €1.2 million round led by Inveready
  • Universia (Banco Santander) has invested in Beroomers
Investor and accelerator news 🚀
  • Nao Ventures is a new Sevilla-based accelerator focused on the tourism and travel sector
Big tech news 🏢
  • ZTE to reorg its business in Spain after it lost MasMovil as a client
  • Talking about MasMovil, the telco is about to hit a market cap of €1 billion in Spain’s MAB (Mercado Alternativo Bursatil)
Interesting reads 🤓
  • How Typeform is scaling their culture in hyper-growth
  • Inc magazine wrote about Barcelona’s startup ecosystem: ‘This unsuspecting European city could become Silicon Valley’s biggest rival’